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  •  If my Business was Perfect, I mean Really Perfect ..What Does it LoThe Perfect 10X Strategy to Build my Life Plan! A Plan that actually Balances my business and lifestyle together! 
  • Perfect 10X Strategy to “Supercharged Mornings” in less than Six Minutes!
  •  Perfect 10X Strategy to create my “Personal Success Formula”...I’ll design and implement my Daily routine.. One that Rockets me out of Bed with Passion and Inspiration to Achieve my Goals and Intentions!
  • ​Secret “10X Equities Exercise” will help me determine where I need to Focus my Time and Efforts
  • The Perfect 10X...Tactical Tools to Handle Rejections, Disbelief and Low Self Esteem
  • The Perfect 10X...Artificial Intelligence to Keep me On Track and Distraction Free! 
  • The “Ri²™ “Really Intelligent Information” my Business and Personal DNA ..the Right Stuff to Rewrite my Story.
  • ​New Attitude Approach and Expectations to my Business, Life and those people I come in Contact with Daily!
Finally..I’ll Absolutely everything I need to Design a 10X Life and Business! In the Words of my Long Time Mentor and Coach 

“Bob Proctor...If you can See it in your Mind, you can Hold it in your Hand!”

I’d Have a 10X Mindset and Business 

I’d Earn 10X Commissions Consistently 

I’d Own a 10X Team of Experts 

​We’d ALL ...Work 10X LESS 

​I’d STOP Paying the Big Z’Like Companies ASAP !

I’d Pay all my Bills in Full, All the Time Every Time 

​I’d go on more Vacations

​I’d Sleep Better at Night 

​I’d Finally Have a Balanced 10X Life and Business! 

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Doesn’t your Family and You Deserve to Have it All…”The Perfect 10X Lifestyle”?

Napoleon Hill's “Self Confidence Formula”

Napoleon Hill's Six Steps Process to "Turning Any desire into a Reality" 

Our Secret List of “Power of Words” 

Ri²™ Consulting/Lead Solutions 100/0 Guarantee
“100 Results, Zero Risk, Zero Excuses”  

If Your 10X Personal Success Formula doesn't show me exactly how to learn exactly how we Did it ...How we built a duplicate-able, Repeatable and Sustainable... Leverage Business and Life ... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step to learn how we balanced our Life and Business ... or if it fails to help me learn how to Rewire ,y mindset to Achieve More than I am Now ..I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!

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To Your Success,

Sean Shallis

  P.S. - Every minute you wait to get “Your 10X Personal Success Formula” is another minute you could ultimately end up working Twice as hard as everyone else.. Only to Earn Half as Much ...Stop Paying those Big Z'like Companies Thousands of Dollars..Take Back Control of your Business and Life with The 10X Personal Success Formula.. . Put the power of “Your 10X Personal Success Formula” to work for you so you can quickly and easily learn exactly how we Did it ...How we built a duplicate-able,. Repeatable and Sustainable... Leverage Business and Life, learn how we balanced our Life and Business and Still Earned 10X the Average Agent , and learn how we generate 10 Listings and 10 Sales without spending Thousands of Dollars on Advertising !! 

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